Monday, 20 May 2019

Fishes: Comic by Daniel Smallegange

A Moonless Night

In the darkness of
A moonless night
The heat of our touch
Clutching fingers become
Principal senses
Probing mouths
Our arms wrapped as one
And burning
Forehead to forehead
Sweat intermixing
Your tattoos tastes of salt
Searing thoughts
Burst and crackle
Embers of fire undeminished
By the rivulets of
Steam and heat
Your fingers rake my back
My teeth on your neck
Lust and hope
Feelings of
Fear and love
In the darkness of
A moonless night

Saturday, 11 May 2019


Eyes the colour of
Hard as glass
My thoughts get trapped within
Those eyes
Glinting and bright
My thoughts imprisoned and
Seeming unable
to look any other
Such beauty and
Sultry intrigue
In eyes
Hard as glass
My thoughts are trapped
Surrounded blanketed
Blocked from any other
Than you and your
Eyes the colour of

Saturday, 4 May 2019


You look in to my eyes
And cry out
You cry out in
To the pain you see
When you look in to
My eyes
You say
Then laugh
Then wipe away my tear
Then kiss me gently
Upon the
All the while
I am

Friday, 26 April 2019

Grey Walls

Grey walls
You got grey walls
All coming up surround
Creeping with vine
Your walls
They keep your emotions
In check
And prevent them exterior
From moving in towards
Interior ways
Your grey walls are high my friend
They intimidate the would be
They make you look
Less than eager to
Make acquaintanceships
And maybe
Conversing over a massive high
Grey walls
Not so conducive to
Civilized discussion
But I must say maybe
Maybe you require those
Grey walls also
To keep whats you within
To prevent you lashing without
Causing irreparable harms
Them grey walls are
Something anyways
So high an'
Ever creeping
With vine