Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Letter Sent

So, I am really a bit drunk.
I feel like someone stabbed me in the the guts and the knife is you.
And it is twisting.
And I just want you.
Give me five days, and I will be over you. I swear. But tonight, I am
Sad about you.
I really liked you.
I so really fell for you.
Please forgive me for writing and being sad.
Tonight is the night I get over it.
I'm so lame.
I can't help but write....
I am so lame.
I know you have your things to push me away.
Tomorrow, I will be stronger.
Tomorrow, I will be strong.
I hate being weak.
Sorry, to bother you.
I will be better tomorrow.
I am actually strong, and amazing, and funny and charming, and
I just liked you.
The knife is you.


Anonymous said...

Hit the nail on the head.

Daniel Car Crash said...

I feel like i have been hitting the wall, and missing the nail. My entire life.

Dimitra Psomopoulos said...

i was going to say that this poem was incubating in my mind all day and it lead to own personal moment of epiphany while i was in the bath. now i have an idea for my next artistic pursuit. merci car crash, merci.

Daniel Car Crash said...

Thanks Didi. I was worried people might think it too much, too personal, and lame. What is your new artistic pursuit?