Monday, 7 April 2008

A Very Violent Dream

Dream: fucked up and violent and all through the night. Kind of like the movie 'Battle Royale'. You might find it disturbing, I did.

It begins with me and three others. We've been kidnapped and find ourselves strangers in a strange place. We don't know each other. There is myself, a tall black man, and one other. We are on high fenced in land, like a complex of buildings with forest, ponds, fields. There are several buildings about, old, derelict, rotting. We eventually come together us three and move together. No one knows what the fuck is going on. After exploring for a bit we see two men and a woman approaching. Only when they get quite close do we realize they have weapons. One man has a long blade, another a piece of pipe (the woman) and the third has a small knife. They are grinning. One yells 'Run'. We don't know what is going on, are confused. The third of us, kind of out of shape, starts to cry and shout and walks towards them. They yell run and raise their weapons and we all turn and run. The black guy and me are athletic, agile, but the third is closest to them and weak, out of shape. I am shouting to the black guy, 'what the hell is going on? Where are we?' and he doesn't know either. 'Those people are not our friends. We best run, find weapons.' Soon his point is proved as one of them throws his knife and it catches the fat dude in the throat (lots of throat stuff in this dream). He gurgles and falls, dead. They come for us. What follows is a mad chase. We are desperate after watching our fellow get it. They are enjoying themselves. We burst into an abandoned house and I look for a place to hide while the other guy looks for weapons. He is more together than me. Suddenly one of the men grabs and throws me violently into and through a wall. He is huge, comes after me. I get up and run, desperate to escape. I hear fighting in the other room. It is dusty because of all the fallen plaster. I manage to crawl away, run into another room. Here, in an ancient dusty chest of drawers I find a small razor blade type weapon, like two inches long with an attachment that fits on my thumb. I figure this out and put it on. My pursuer finds me, enters. No way out. He smiles, might say something like 'you're mine, or dead'. He comes in and begins beating me up pretty good. I smash into things, break old furniture. Then he grabs he in a bear hug, crushing me. But i get my hands free and I draw the little blade across the throat. Nothing happens. I do it again, and again in horror, and finally i cut through. He falls to his knees, puts hands to his throat, but can't keep in all the blood shooting out of his throat.

I wake up at this point, freaked out by the throat thing. Kitties are all snuggled around me in piece. I go back to sleep.

My fellow 'prey' is backing as the woman with the pipe attacks him. He has found some kind of weapon to defend himself against her. It is clear now that we are in a game of death, and must kill them to live. The leader with the machete is there too. Dude must fend off both of them. I think he is using a wooden chair leg as a club. He connects with the leader and I move from hiding for the woman. leap on her. He hits the leader with the club in the face again and again (out of my vision). The woman is a red head, she is beautiful, full of fury and strong as hell. She hits he several times with the pipe until i pin her arm. I cut her throat in the same way. (Told you this had a lot of throat violence). It is horrible for me to cut the throats. We gather ourselves. We've won. We are too be free. we exit the house. and are in forest/field. My friend has the machete now.

We are walking, waiting to be set free or whatever,,, get a prize?? Three more people enter the scene. Three more killers. One has a three bladed boomerang type weapon. A third person has been added to us. Another has a hand gun. This is when it dawns on us. That we have to keep fighting, more and more people until we die. There is no escape. We run. The new person is a woman. She is small and terrified. I grab her and help her run. She is tiny. I am gonna protect her no matter. We run and they chase. I fall on a log or something and she runs ahead, but I see in front of her the boomerang guy, who throws his weapon (think Krull) and kills the girl that was added to us with a sickening chunk. The one with the gun is shooting at me. We run.

I wake up again, in a sweat. Kitties nuzzled. But I hear someone on the stairs coming up, to get me. It freaks me out. I see shadows convalesce into evil things. I am weired out. I am half asleep. This happens from time to time, this being half asleep and half awake. I think I am awake and seeing ghosts. I dream I am writing this down at the computer desk in hand writing that is illegible, but I can't write readably. (After I got out of the shower this morning I looked for the piece of paper. That is when I realized it was a dream). I also dream I write the premise, of how we are kidnapped and taken into the future where this takes place as the beginning??? Lame, but it's what I dreamed.

I land back in the dream. We are now in a new large complex building and fighting to the death. What follows is myself and the black guy fighting, running, using different weapons. Killing. We keep killing them and more are sent in. These people hunting us are enjoying it. They are not prisoners like us. They are always supremely confident and then supremely shocked they are mortal, they die. It is all in flashes now, fading away. Lots of running. I obtain a revolver and have a shoot out. I never hit anyone. I also get another gun (futuristic) but it doesn't work. Only shoots white paint? I almost die as I am charging forward and shooting a guy doing the same to me, but my gun doesn't work. I cut another throat and the blood this time flies/spurts like crazy as a fountain. Hand to hand violence. I am not sure anymore how it ends. I get beat up a lot.

Anyways, that's my crazy dream.

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