Friday, 5 December 2014

I Crushed a Can at Midnight

I crushed a can at midnight
And I sunk too deep
I thrashed around to music
While all the gods did sleep
Dancing with the stars
Fronting like a Tsar
An island on my own
Hissing at the flames
Begging for the rains
While I crushed a can

I crushed another
It was then that I
Began to wonder
How it all began
Where it was she ran
And how the times do change
Until I danced this free
I sang for solace and revenge
Alone alone at midnight
Where I crushed a can

I crushed and crushed and crushed them all
Until my vision swam
I railed and cried and gnashed my teeth
Coughed and puked and staggered
And then I took to swagger
And walked the pain away
Until the moonlight
Ran from me like rain
And the dawn arrived
To whom I crushed another can

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