Saturday, 6 December 2014

Heart Jacker Soul Ripper

Heart jacker, soul ripper
I have been called many names
I can be stalled
But only momentarily
I like your eyes
Blue eyes which evolve
And turn purple
Walking through fire or water
Either for or
Against me
Your will is steel drenched in lilacs
You are strong
But no one resists
Curses and caresses
All have been offered
All have been
Heart ripper, soul jacker
Your eyes they are proud and
They just might give you
A fighting chance

Friday, 5 December 2014

I Crushed a Can at Midnight

I crushed a can at midnight
And I sunk too deep
I thrashed around to music
While all the gods did sleep
Dancing with the stars
Fronting like a Tsar
An island on my own
Hissing at the flames
Begging for the rains
While I crushed a can

I crushed another
It was then that I
Began to wonder
How it all began
Where it was she ran
And how the times do change
Until I danced this free
I sang for solace and revenge
Alone alone at midnight
Where I crushed a can

I crushed and crushed and crushed them all
Until my vision swam
I railed and cried and gnashed my teeth
Coughed and puked and staggered
And then I took to swagger
And walked the pain away
Until the moonlight
Ran from me like rain
And the dawn arrived
To whom I crushed another can