Thursday, 6 February 2014

Troubling Times

Troubling times and a lack of cause
This coupled with
Too much effect
And the miseries that accompany such things
Troubling times and
The disconcerting results of love
Trains rushing headlong at
Improbable speeds
Rushing us towards unhappy results
The wisdom of this clearly

Lines of calculation
Undeniable in the offset
Too many tests
Too many white coats
Prodding and needling
The uncontrollable shaking of
Lie low and dig yourself deep into
Your own malcontent
Bury your head in the sediment and only then
Open your eyes so that you may
Sleep without fear

Troubling climes and a snowball effect
Rings through the valleys of
Your sliding doubt
Brings your heart to irregular
Rhythms and causes your dance to be
Stilted and applauded only by
The disciples of Vitus
Troubling times and a lack of
Braces and mounts on which
To grasp

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