Sunday, 23 February 2014

'The Nexus Place: Book One' by Daniel Smallegange Released on Kindle & Itunes

Four individuals from different worlds face certain death. A gunfighter is cornered after being hunted by a band of vicious warriors. An assassin is to be sacrificed via electric crucifixion. A swordsmen fights to the death in an arena of futuristic blood sport. And a teenager from our world is pushed by a serial killer under a speeding car. All four are saved at the instant before death in a whiff of red mist. When they awake they find themselves in the realm of the techno-mage Kyrinn, and find also there is a price for his intervention. They have been rescued only to be sent on a suicidal mission to save his only heir from an unknown foe in a terrible world made up of stolen lands. Either agree to the techno-mage's terms or be returned to the exact moment before their deaths. With no other choice the four strangers accept, but first they must go to Alex's great city where the only known portal to the secret realm exists, itself a terrifying deathtrap, and this is just the beginning.

Only $5.99 Please pass this on if you think it's interesting. Thanks for your support! Coming soon to I-Book and Nook.

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