Monday, 5 August 2013

Ali Out and Into the Desert

Ali out and into the desert
Where they cry and knash their teeth
Those deemed outrages or ugly or
Too special
Ali pays them no mind
Out and into the desert
To try and steal sand from the wind
To try and make deals with a djinn
Ali strong and Ali fast
Broken wrapped glass for a dagger
Quicker than the sacred asp
Out and into the desert
Ignoring they who knash teeth and cry
Who come night may test the teeth
Of the jackal packs

Ali smiles grim and fierce
Passes the reaching prostrate
Gives them freely his advice:
It is better to steal than beg
Then out and into the desert
His rags windswept and encapsulating
Ali picks the sand from his eye
Proudly confronts the winds
That have buried civilizations
Let alone a scrawny boy of twelve
To seek adventure and find his djinn
To face the wastes and reveal his sin
Ali alone to brave the night
Ali is free, Ali is bright
Out and into the desert

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