Wednesday, 16 January 2013

You're like a Sliver

You're like a sliver
Got under my skin
And I can't get you out
Down deep an' buried
Deep under my skin
Inflame me, itch me
And all my teeth an' claws
Can do nothing to get you out from
Underneath the layers
Layers of my skin
Down deep an' buried
You're like a sliver
Got under my skin
Got tucked in my brain
And all I can do is
Welcome the disaster
Pray for the rain to come
To soothe this fever
You, like a sliver,
Deep under my skin
Bring on
Useless all
My teeth an' claws

Thursday, 3 January 2013

And I Said Damn

And I said damn
And then he fell
Fell to his knees
And then he said
I answered for love
And then
I pulled the trigger
And then
He fell on his face
Blood pooling around him
Around him in a halo
And I spit
And I said damn

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I am the high priest of hipness
I gyrate and do so
On my own terms
Your terminology regarding me
Is flawed
High priest of Hipness
Sturgeon of the seas
I make women and gay men
Tremble at the knees
Issue squeals with my
Flaring nostrils and heightened sense of
My own supremacy
Your lack of currency
Inadequacy to deal with me

In arrears to everybody
High priest Hip priest
Sturgeon like
Of the seas
Take better care of yourself and
Wipe up that drool
It's forming all slick and
Into a pool
Highpriest of ass shake
No tricks here or lie
Shambolic and large
Here in the superabundance
Here and in the flesh
Hip Priest of drool
Gyrating on terms
Of my own making
Disintegrating all of your
Previous conceptions
Miss-manufactured devices and
Lacklustre defences
High Priest of hipness
Crocodile shedder
Of tears and salutations
Give me a piece
Just a piece peace piece
Of your soul so I can sell it
On the open market