Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Siren Smoulder

I am the breath that gives you
Shivers on a hot day
I am the antidote to your
Untold hope
Dreamer of seascapes and
The glint of your eyes
Visions of reptiles and inhuman cries
I am the captain of
Ill repute
The deft touch
The siren smoulder
I am far and when you least expect
Deadly touch close
The violet eye
The violent cry
And the tenebrous heart
Cycling and with growing
Pace, speed an' venom
I am the mist that makes things
Unclear and dressed to the nines in
Elegant subterfuge
Alarming at my rate of scale
Disarming with my slackened sails
Cling on and do not regret
We shall protect one another
From all harm
Press your head near my beating heart
My pounding pulse and
Make us warm
I am the captain and I am
The shedder of fears
Siren smoulder of the
Violet eye

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