Sunday, 21 October 2012

Your Beauty is a Knife Blade

Your beauty is a daunting endeavour
It forces my hand
And causes acts of anxiety
Traffic accidents no doubt too
When you cross the streets
Your beauty it lingers and
Conspires against me
It stings my mind and encompasses
Far too much attention
Your scorn is freely offered
A side dish
Your scorn is available
At a bulk discount
Kindness in its stead
For those others teeming
And becking your call
Your beauty is a knife blade
Double edged and platinum
Effecting and infecting
A disheveled wound my mind
And very slow to heal

Saturday, 6 October 2012

My Laundry Lover

Oh baby, oh my true love
Come and see me and let me bathe in your tranquil sighs
Come and touch me and let me dance along your ever widening thighs
Come and kiss me and then let us slowly embrace
Come and face me and then let us do the interface
And then, oh my love
And then my precious dear
And then...
And then...
Do my laundry for me
And fold it and put it neatly away
For meeeeeeeeeeee
If you love meeeeeeeeee
Like I love meeeeeeeee, I mean you
You'll come and visit and do
My laundry for me