Saturday, 25 August 2012

Windswept Hills

Kiss the skull for good luck
And tussle its straggly hair
Heads on posts and
Grudge holding ghosts
Wailing on the wind swept hills
They grin and stare
Maws agape
Leering full of hate
Freely giving
Passersbye the chills
Wailing as they do
On the windswept hills
But kiss a skull when you pass
To avoid ill luck and
Have no truck with
Curses against them or suffer
Saccharine reverses
And evil perverses
The likes of which you not soon forget
Much ado about regret
Lick a skull for good measure
Those who seek treasure
Or you might end up joining them
You might end up owning a
Lonesome post yourself
As other things more dangerous than these
Slow moaning ghosts
Lurk in the windswept hills

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Your Love is Like a Landmine

Your love is like a landmine I have stepped on
and now cannot move for fear of oblivion
While your kiss is like slow death
But pleasurable and memorable and
Your thighs are best left un-thought of
Such a prison of perfect precision when they are
Wrapped about me
Your love is
Like a a pitcher plant I have no want
Of escaping even if
This was plausible
And your eyes of ice
Grey with speckles of lonesome decay
Your eyes full of mischief and vice
They pin me down
Pierce me with scalpel-like zeal
So sharp
I feel no pain
Your love is like a landmine
And now I cannot move for fear of

Monday, 6 August 2012

I am Broken

I am broken
Just like you
Twisted and pulled apart
Stripped and teeth barred
Snarls of defiance
Tremulous tears
And rueful
And you too are broken
You also show strains
It magnifies your attractive qualities
Your essence leaks out
All over the floor and makes things
Just like me
We are thieves unto one another
Slipping into each other's
Cracks and breaches
We are fools, also
And will fight to ill ends
I am broken
Stripped and teeth barred
Just as you