Thursday, 26 July 2012

In the Shadowy Corridors of Power

And waiting and watching
From the corners, sidelines, and from the
Shadowy corridors of power
Here where beauty roams
Arm in arm with malice
and honour is a rarity
Blushing, powerless and cast down
Pitiable and derided by all and sunder
By the arrogant and haughty
Who's birthright has brought them command
Who's taunts and laughter crack the backs of innocents
Like barbed whips
Shadowy corridors of power
Where the ruling class lisp and curse
Where knives are ever hidden clutched and
Murder is the preferred option to discourse
Power plays and sultry rays
Justice on the take
In the shadowy corridors of power
And waiting and watching
Well hid but irrevocable
The burning ember of the truth
Looks out of place until wisely
Well heeled boots brought to bare
Crush down to snuff it out

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