Monday, 21 May 2012

Alter Your States

Alter your states through pleasure laced with wine
And other things made sinful by the righteous man
Take my hand in yours and walk with me
Through Elysian fields awash in gold and splendour
We shall kiss and taste each other's hopes and fears
We shall embrace and become one
Snaking our bodies together to the beginnings of wonder and
Echo thoughts of love

Alter your states through
The inebriation of fine poetry and literature
And other things made harmful by the ruling man
Alchemy shall set us free
And the naked dance joining us
Our eyes only placed
To see one another
We shall embrace and lick at one another's tears

Echo your fates entwine them in mine
Swimming through the ooze
Elysian fields of our own design
Give birth to such swollen, burgeoning ideals
Hopes of truce and a chance to
Touch your perfect naked skin
Alter your states through the heat of our touch
My mind racing, heart pounding

As we leap from the precipice
Arm in arm

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