Saturday, 14 April 2012

Curled Up in a Tiny Ball

Curled up in a tiny ball and
Clutching my neck I want your
Beautiful lips pursed and your
Endearing faux mischief squint
My eyes filled with
Want and smiling desire
I want your arms and my hands upon them
I want your tongue dancing
Flicking between clever things to say
Your gaze burning fixed upon me
I want all of your desire
Your interest and your hope
I want your tattooed kiss
Irrevocable upon my skin
I want your arm to walk with
And your thoughts to dwell and slumber in
Your lithe sly sways to capture me
Your smile arrest and confiscate
All you desire from me
Let us
Dance across the wastes
Of dead parking lots
And rainswept hills
Give me
Your lips to brush against
Your smiling and shy heart also
Curled up in a tiny ball and
To be mine

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