Monday, 5 September 2011

My Once Upon Dream

I miss how I miss your
Pretty ways and your ultra sways and your
Cannibal eyes ever ever
Consuming, consummating
Digging, fading and creating

I miss how I miss oh your
Prison walls and your dangling calls and your
Serpent tooth ever ever
Poisoning, counter-pinning
Clutching, tracing and embracing

And, and oh how...

I miss, oh I miss
Your tenous grasps and your heartfelt laugh and your
Lightest lisp ever ever
Spinning, enervating
Caterwauling and evading

What I miss I do miss is your
Captive walk and your sundance stalk
Slow burn kiss ever ever
Taking the foundations of my hope
And throwing them down to ruin

And, and oh how...

I miss how I miss
Your subversive smile as your will prevails
Your iron will dominating
Over all my cries on a rack made of sighs
Your slavering kiss, perfect tender wrist

I miss I do miss
You smashing my glass
Denigrating, penetrating
The undoing you grant
The sacrilege you chant

And, and oh how
I miss how I miss
My once upon dream

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