Monday, 29 August 2011

My Last Thing to Hear

When we kissed and there was
Fluid on your cheek
Black in the moonlight
When we held each other tight and you trembled
Trembled and shook so hard
Issued that soft almost inaudible moan
I took the knife from your hands
Part of it deep inside
Told you I loved you
The taste of the fluid was in my mouth
On my mouth and chin
Black in the moonlight
You trembled and shook so hard
Didn't say a thing
I told you it was okay
I told you I loved you
Faltering to my knees
Hands now around your waist
Soiling your pretty dress
That odd black fluid pooling
So very black in the moonlight
You didn't say a thing
And our eyes met
I wanted to say more
As you shoved me hard away
Your fleeing echoing steps
My last thing to hear