Sunday, 17 July 2011


I am drunk with the scent of you
Still lingering in memory
The dust of years doing little
To diminish the atoms
Drunk from
The taste of you
From your peeling laughter
And the memories of when I was
With you
Drunk on your smiles
And drunk on those perfect clutching fingers
Yearning eyes
Bitten lips
Drunk from when
You were touching me
And when I was touching you
Drunk on the perfection
Of your hips and your moans when I was kissing them
Drunk when you laughed at what I had written
Drunk too from when you told me
I was your beautiful boy
Drunk in memory
of your eyes, your cheekbones
Your perfect symmetry
Drunk when I think of
Your former sadness and poverty
Which made you all the more glorious
And endearing
Drunk in my insecurities too
On memories
On reverie
Kissing and clutching
Sweating together
Your gasps better than any
Starlight eulogy
Drunk Drunk
The wickedness in your eyes

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