Sunday, 15 May 2011

My Belly is Swollen With Diamonds

My belly is swollen with diamonds
Why you force feed me baby?
Like some future piece of veal
Feed me with gold too an' riches
It don't taste good
These pearls
They get lodged in my throat
I want kisses not this
You feel my stomach and kiss it,
But it's the treasures you adore
Not the vessel
You near my lips only to
Pry more them open
Shoving in platinum
Murmuring and licking my ear
And then trying to force in
Emeralds and lapis lazuli
My brain aches with lies also
Your beauty too, which renders me
Your beauty which enables you access
Into all my far recesses
Opens my mouth and heart into which you gleeful
Force in more riches
My belly though
Grows swollen baby
Distended and I

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