Thursday, 11 November 2010

This Memory

Love and lust and darkness
Intertwined through all them fighting
Blacks and reds and too much grey
While we dance on our sides
Unseemly clutchings and moans
Bitings and kissings and
Crushing so hard
Things that
Would make a whore blush
We touch legs, necks
Together forever
For a stolen piece of time
Kissing in the stairwell while
All the while our others
Our betters our lovers
Fraternize just inside
Just as love and lust and darkness parts
The moon intrigues
Clouds flee as if
Ashamed of our beauty and
Carnal lust
Clouds parting the darkness reveal
Tears on your cheek I lick them
Shed by star jaunted beams of light
They weren't there in the darkness
Do you my love
As we fuck slow sensuous
On the balcony new now secreted place
And the moon shows just how perfect
We are together
Our bronzed bodies made ivory splendour
While our betters, our lovers
Mingle and discourse oblivious
Metres away on the inside
Of this Annex house party
I want this only
This memory
As forever we part
Together forever
We shall part
Soon to meet
As enemies, lovers, friends
Be us damned
Or otherwise
This memory
I shall keep


Milady DeWinter said...

Very passionate, dear sir.
Your words always evoke such a sense of urgency, reminding one of sweat-drenched moments that may be loathed or loved in time, but always cherished as memory.

Daniel Car Crash said...

Thanks lovely. I miss you. And appreciate the comments!