Saturday, 10 April 2010

In the Downtown, part two

The sirens all around
In the downtown
We don't bat an eyelash
We don't even notice
As all through the night
The sirens wail and run and scream
People living all around us
Dropping like flies
Sirens the soundtrack
Like the trains ever running
Along the tracks in the background
Sirens the soundtrack
Of the downtown
Crying throughout
The long dark night
Of our chemical concrete jungle
In the miasma of
The wilderness labyrinth heyday maze
Craze of cement and steal
Decay and dust
Spraypaint and whirl
Come venture and dare enter
Into the darkness
Be scared and be scorned
See the people rooting through failed dreams
And vicious compromise
Wild eyes and a broken bottle kiss
Walking in rags with a stolen shopping cart
While no one thinks anything
Of the unending sirens
Blanketing our night skies
In the downtown


Milady DeWinter said...

*cries softly at her desk*

Daniel Car Crash said...

Why you crying starlet? For my lack o' recognition? Must be. Miss you.