Sunday, 31 January 2010

As We Greet the Dawn

Grizzled youth and
Green with jade
Lines of pain
And hearts unmade
Shouts of mirth
To kiss the dawn
Shouts of lust
Wiped tears forlorn
Gimme fear and gimme death
Gimme your soul, your witch's breath
I sleep I sigh and dance and fall
I grab my place as finger's trawl
Your so white flesh, my sweet desire
Your long frayed dress, your sweet attire
Unvanquished eyes, you pierce me quick
Grizzled youth and laughter's born
Green with jade and flecks of Myrrh
Dagger hilt thick with pearl
Laugh with me and slight me not
I want your heart and seek your touch
Cheers and roars and glass raised high
Grizzled youth with jaded try
Alone in the corner and sing with me
We'll watch them pour us
A whiskey tree
We'll fight our way out
We'll run with the moon
Hand in hand and none too soon
Gimme fear and gimme death
Gimme love, your deep caress
As we run
As we long
As we greet the risen dawn

Friday, 22 January 2010

The Light

The light is bright, bright
Too bright
It revels and reveals all our
Secrets, all our
Scarring and the lines
Carved by stress and tears and
It blinds too, this light
Prevents truths from occupying
The lands of our hope and dreams
Bright shining bright
Lighting up our faults and flaws
Portraying both demons and angels
Equal and unflattering
Bright light
Demonstrating our beauty
Our lies and our love
Too bright
How it warms and feeds
Brings us to our knees
Ever bright this light
Cleanses us of need
Feeds us deep with greed
Give us shadows though
Give us cessation
This light is bright, bright
Bring us some respite
Bring the peace of night
For the light
Is so very bright