Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Path to Perdition, Hitchhiked

Hitchhiking our way down the well worn path to perdition. The antagonisms and the lack of a strong drink. Our conscience swarming and disturbing, like flies, like thick viscous smoke. Sordid and well stocked with smiles and fears, walking backwards, thumbs out. Grinning and bucketfuls of vice for companionship, we slither and hop, down and out along the rock strewn pathway to our own and specially anticipated hell.

Fellow travelers roaring past, dodging cans and bottles, wrath and mirth, we light a fire to one another’s heavy breathing and toke it up, hold it in and get the elate. Dancing and supplicating gods and demons both, if there is even a difference. Supplied with pantings and screamings and moans, groans, lust and death, supplied with anger and laughter we stop and rest at a nearby fetid place and revel in the pods of muck filled with all that’s sweet and all that’s black (these the toads sell, along side the swamp) filled with all that’s sweet and all that’s black, excepting also what’s light be also included for the price of one dream and a portion of our last crust of bread. And enter now the salving dreams which come thick and coiled as any pythonic embrace. Our arms also, clinging tight. This and the warmth of fire.

Stars so many jewels in the blackest night, perfect and cold and desolate and so very far. We scoff and sputter well into this night. The violence of truth. The intangibility of happiness and the shocking and terrible ability of our digressions/transgressions. They cling to one, stubborn, like a fine mist or disease incurable. They isolate, decorate, marks of torture or badges of honour all. The violence of truth clashing on our shields of mirth and irony. Dance my love, dance, long into the gentle night.

Laughter in the dark and a stranger's knife in broad daylight, cold against our throat, waking us. Robbed of our last scrapings of sustenance and a few coppers we are free. Our steps so much lighter as we move once more, free and well pleased and placed. Hitchhiking our way down the well worn path to perdition. Skipping and pausing and lapping it up. Grinning like wolves. This case, as in most, the journey so much better than the destination…

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Your Silence

You are evil by your constraint
Your silence
It is like a whip
A scourge
A demon
Feasting upon all my tears
Fears and heartbreak
Your silence
Lingers like a behemoth
Sifts through the air
Like smoke choking
And you are evil also by your
Attempts at salvation
You break all bonds and hurdles
I have placed to entrap you
Silence so loud and
Frightening hurts
My trembling sensation
Stabs my interior with ulterior
My hands are rough with the scrubbing
But the stains remain, remain
Clear here, there
For all and sunder
My guilt equates your evil
My heart is two ounces of
Conspiracy against us
However, your silence does not breed
Because of my will
Because of my longing to remember you
As someone good
But it does, it must
It festers, hurts, swells
Your beautiful eyes
Smiling crooked in stolen pictures
Silence like a scourge, a whip
You are evil by your
Longevity and opposition
Your silence

Thursday, 11 November 2010

This Memory

Love and lust and darkness
Intertwined through all them fighting
Blacks and reds and too much grey
While we dance on our sides
Unseemly clutchings and moans
Bitings and kissings and
Crushing so hard
Things that
Would make a whore blush
We touch legs, necks
Together forever
For a stolen piece of time
Kissing in the stairwell while
All the while our others
Our betters our lovers
Fraternize just inside
Just as love and lust and darkness parts
The moon intrigues
Clouds flee as if
Ashamed of our beauty and
Carnal lust
Clouds parting the darkness reveal
Tears on your cheek I lick them
Shed by star jaunted beams of light
They weren't there in the darkness
Do you my love
As we fuck slow sensuous
On the balcony new now secreted place
And the moon shows just how perfect
We are together
Our bronzed bodies made ivory splendour
While our betters, our lovers
Mingle and discourse oblivious
Metres away on the inside
Of this Annex house party
I want this only
This memory
As forever we part
Together forever
We shall part
Soon to meet
As enemies, lovers, friends
Be us damned
Or otherwise
This memory
I shall keep

Saturday, 18 September 2010

From Even in Greatest Darkness

From even in greatest darkness
We have our need
To shield us from
The light
We have our need for
Secrets, silence and the safety of
Dancing in our cloaks of grey
Waltzing in our fierce disguise
Solace in the solitary heart
From even in greatest darkness
We have our need
For the calm and the serene
Peace and the defence of
Discretion wrapped in a black dress
Comfort in the languid arms
Of midnight
But even in greatest darkness
The light creeps in
Revealing, reveling
All that which
We wish to hide
From even in greatest darkness
We have our need

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Tender Reminiscences of an Aging Sociopath

Remember when we were self
And we were self
Confident and
Sweetly vicious with victory
Remember when we were new to the world
Oh so prim and pretty
Young and full of fight
Free and talking war against
Whoever lost the coin toss
Talking revolution and talking of unlatching
All the pens from which the people stare
The self made prisons where they
Sit and sulk and feed the machine
As long as they get their three square talk show gruel
Remember how easy they were
To sabotage
To infiltrate
To destroy
Remember when you and I
Would talk long into the night about
Truth and beauty and love and
The vibrations of murder
It seems only yesterday
So sweetly yesterday
When I threw that bomb into the supermarket
Just to wake them up
But it didn't wake them up
They just all stared
They just all died
Remember those sweet sultry times
Freedom through violence
Death as an aperitif
When we were killers
We two lovers

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Resistance Machinery

Oh how you can oppress me
With your beauty and your
Methodology of seduction, your
Wanting need and fiery disposition, which
Leaves no room for any of that
Resistance machinery
Leaves no resistance for anything
Named willpower or pride or run
Stroll around, encircling
Lingering in the sun
Your eyes and those perfect formed lips
Demand vast reserves of attention
Biting your lip and half-smiles
Throw wrenches into any of that
Oh so well prepared
Resistance machinery
Your beauty and your
Curving sweet sultry walk
A neck just begging for it
It is oppressive this is
Resistance machinery
Oh how you can oppress me
With your dreams and the majesty
Of your tragic mindset
How you can smile and devastate entire
Systems of well maintained defence
Walls crumble under the shake
Of you
Crucified upon your unfettered charm and
The cunning of your sway
Resistance machinery

There is you

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Travesties We Shine Like Flares Slow to Fade

Rich with lust and
The spoils of your perfect laughter
Running through the maelstrom
Grinning like fools
Travesties we shine like flares slow to fade
Burning red with boasts of
Other people's shame
Burning our hearts into beacons
Magnets to attract all order of outcast
All class of rebel and denier
Into the fold
Pride and a dalliance with deviants
We fling ourselves wide into the night
And embrace the hedonistic viewpoint
We slaughter the consciousness of
Rapt eager slaves of religion and conscience
We dance on their fallen morals with gusto
And fling our passion like salt upon their wounds
To the dogmatic worshipers we give freely
Handfuls of fear laced with the dust of their
Adored dead deities
Roaring forth and sounding battle cries
Huddled forth in dark embrace in doorways
Tongues of bliss and no shame in sight
Running along moonlight
We shine, travesties all
Like flares slow to fade
Rich with lust and the knowledge of beauty
The spoils of your perfect laughter
The absolute victory of
My hand resting gently on the curve of your waist
Walking then running then pausing for love
Defying death for just a little bit more
We the travesties
Blinking bright and overwhelming the night
Steel clutched in our teeth like roses
Violence in heart and mind
Our eyes locked on truth and beauty and love
Faith only in ourselves
Shining bright

Saturday, 10 April 2010

In the Downtown, part two

The sirens all around
In the downtown
We don't bat an eyelash
We don't even notice
As all through the night
The sirens wail and run and scream
People living all around us
Dropping like flies
Sirens the soundtrack
Like the trains ever running
Along the tracks in the background
Sirens the soundtrack
Of the downtown
Crying throughout
The long dark night
Of our chemical concrete jungle
In the miasma of
The wilderness labyrinth heyday maze
Craze of cement and steal
Decay and dust
Spraypaint and whirl
Come venture and dare enter
Into the darkness
Be scared and be scorned
See the people rooting through failed dreams
And vicious compromise
Wild eyes and a broken bottle kiss
Walking in rags with a stolen shopping cart
While no one thinks anything
Of the unending sirens
Blanketing our night skies
In the downtown

Sunday, 28 March 2010

In the Downtown at 3 a.m.

Rain lashing and
The happenstance of fear
It is dancing behind the headlights
And echoing in the distant, unseen footsteps
Reflected off the chain-link fencing that
Binds our pleasure also
Along with the dread of our resolute
Lack of hope and faith
Pleasure through fear
Flickering in the general vicinity
Of our dry and wanting eyes
The hissing of neon
In the dark rain
Rain ever lashing while the steam and fog beguile
This cement floored morass
Fear through pleasure and the wet slow drip
A slow moan and another slumped figure decorating
A blind alley
The moans of pleasure or pain are
No one stopping either way
Cars screeching
As rain lashes down
In the downtown
At 3 a.m.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Song Fragment

Give me a piece of your love today
Give me something strong to hold
Give me a piece of your love today
I'm cold, I'm cold, I'm cold.

This is a fragment from the first lyrics I ever wrote.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

As We Greet the Dawn

Grizzled youth and
Green with jade
Lines of pain
And hearts unmade
Shouts of mirth
To kiss the dawn
Shouts of lust
Wiped tears forlorn
Gimme fear and gimme death
Gimme your soul, your witch's breath
I sleep I sigh and dance and fall
I grab my place as finger's trawl
Your so white flesh, my sweet desire
Your long frayed dress, your sweet attire
Unvanquished eyes, you pierce me quick
Grizzled youth and laughter's born
Green with jade and flecks of Myrrh
Dagger hilt thick with pearl
Laugh with me and slight me not
I want your heart and seek your touch
Cheers and roars and glass raised high
Grizzled youth with jaded try
Alone in the corner and sing with me
We'll watch them pour us
A whiskey tree
We'll fight our way out
We'll run with the moon
Hand in hand and none too soon
Gimme fear and gimme death
Gimme love, your deep caress
As we run
As we long
As we greet the risen dawn

Friday, 22 January 2010

The Light

The light is bright, bright
Too bright
It revels and reveals all our
Secrets, all our
Scarring and the lines
Carved by stress and tears and
It blinds too, this light
Prevents truths from occupying
The lands of our hope and dreams
Bright shining bright
Lighting up our faults and flaws
Portraying both demons and angels
Equal and unflattering
Bright light
Demonstrating our beauty
Our lies and our love
Too bright
How it warms and feeds
Brings us to our knees
Ever bright this light
Cleanses us of need
Feeds us deep with greed
Give us shadows though
Give us cessation
This light is bright, bright
Bring us some respite
Bring the peace of night
For the light
Is so very bright