Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dream for Someone to Analyze


I am in a battle, on a battlefield in a forested area somewhere in Eastern Europe. I am in combat gear, along with a group of other soldiers. I have an assault weapon, grenades. Suddenly, we are attacked and pinned down. We all scramble for cover. Bullets ricochet around me, and I know I have to move, to run, to seek better shelter. I am scared, start shooting, provide cover for my mates to move, and then run for it. I almost get hit by several bullets as they spray all around me, but manage to find shelter. We lay down some serious fire, and advance. I run through the brush and up a slope on the flank. In this new position I can see that the enemy are starting to retreat. They are completely open to my attack, about five of them. I rake them with gunfire, seriously lay into them, but it is as if I am firing blanks. None of them are hit. I can't believe this as they should all be dead. I fire another and another burst at them. They are completely unprotected, should all be dead, but are untouched. I can't believe this. They start returning fire, and I dive down. Bullets are hitting all around me, but I am safe. I throw down my now useless weapon in disgust, and look for a grenade on one of my belts, but have trouble finding one.

Now I am a third person, another member of my squad looking at me, watching as I am pinned down. He (I) can see my helmet is sticking up a little over the ridge. He shouts and tries to warn me to get lower, to get down, but I can't hear, am too interested in tracking down one of the illusive grenades I know I have on me. He (I) see the leader of the opposition across the way, an older man, with a cigar and a shaved head with white beard. He (I) can see he sees my protruding helmet. He (I) sees him take aim with a really long sniper rifle, screams 'Get down!'.

This time I hear it, turn and look at him, but it's too late. I hear a shot and a crack. My helmet is hit, and I fall back. I know I am hit, but wonder if the round hit just my helmet, or if it hit my head. I feel no pain. I wonder if I am dying. I feel wet coming down my cheek, and wonder if maybe it's just a nick, then a chunk of something falls down my face. I realize I am fucked.

Wake up gasping.

The End.

They say if you dream you die you die. Well, I better watch out for myself today!


Daniel Car Crash said...

Oh, and last night I dreamed I stole a car around the corner from where I live, and then was panicked as I knew I would get caught if I parked it out front of the house. Maybe I should be a criminal then?

Daniel Car Crash said...

A friend from NYC had this to say:
'I read your dream. So well written. I love reading and listening to dreams. You were obviously not dead. You were watching yourself. You were another you that died. The part of you that is "shooting blanks". The part of you that is too preoccupied with protecting yourself your way that you can't heed someone else's warning. It wasn't you that died. It was a transformation dream. A part of you died. It sounds like that part was innocent but not getting you where you needed to be.
Just my opinion.'

I agree.