Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Great Scotch Tasting and Then ze Pints!

My fearless friends and I embark on a safety first, get the night rolling, pint before heading to the oh so posh and snazzy Yorkville for a Macallan Whiskey tasting event.

We learned all about Scotland and nifty whiskey making, and sampled some 10-18 year old single malts which certainly got the room a buzz. Or perhaps just your humble narrator buzzed.

My favourite little fact was finding out that the alcohol that evaporates in a sealed bottle over the years is reffered to as 'the angel's share.' How cute is that. And as an added bonus I received this genuine evil magic crystal ball to thwart my enemies and/or to strike them down with all my vengeance!

(Joking, 'tis an ice ball they made in case you like fancy monstrous ice balls in your booze.)

And then onwards to more adventure and many pints and fierce debates and heavy laughs along with way too many smokes on a patio nearby, where we met some lovely fellow tasters who joined our table of mayhem! We plotted evil world domination plots long into the night! Soon the invasion will begin!

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