Friday, 18 September 2009

We Are Artists

We are artists of love
We are the architects of our own
Irresistible end
Our hearts lined with scars
Our eyes filled with battles
Fingernails bitten to the quick
From worry and want and wasted thought
From all the long campaigns waged
All the dreams engaged
Razor light passion and hand grenade kiss
We are the carriers of heavy duty armament dreams
Our calling card is want
We are
Slips of moaned desire drifting along the breeze
Be wary of our
Dark and dangerous lips and curves
Lust bitten tongues seeking slow salvation
Hard love and warm touch
We architects of desire
And tragedy and hope and need
Our hearts heavy lined with scars
Our eyes filled with memory
Tragedy and tiny shards of bliss, also
We, the artists of love
Shall desecrate the earth
With our pursuit of you

Friday, 4 September 2009

Tender Reminiscences of an Aging Sociopath

Remember when we were self
And we were self
Confident and
Sweetly vicious with victory
Remember when we were new to the world
Oh so prim and pretty
Young and full of fight
Free and talking war against
Whoever lost the coin toss
Talking revolution and talking of unlatching
All the pens from which the people stare
The self made prisons where they
Sit and sulk and feed the machine
As long as they get their three square talk show gruel
Remember how easy they were
To sabotage
To infiltrate
To destroy
Remember when you and I
Would talk long into the night about
Truth and beauty and love and
The vibrations of murder
It seems only yesterday
So sweetly yesterday
When I threw that bomb into the supermarket
Just to wake them up
But it didn't wake them up
They just all stared
They just all died
Remember those sweet sultry times
Freedom through violence
Death as an aperitif
When we were killers
We two lovers