Friday, 24 July 2009

Oh, the little things called Gods...

Worry not about gods,
Or they will worry about you,
And that,
If history is accurate,
Can only mean...
Bad things.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A Frenzy Activity (love is born)

A frenzy activity
Interior ablaze
All fast and rough and tidal
All hot and bubbling
Troubling and trials and retribution
All pure and all dirty
Frenzied flickerings and conclusions sought
Sloughed off
Advance, retreat, relaunch
Firing of pistons and explosive mechanism device armed
While outer shell is cold and expressionless
Exterior exhibiting
No hints of the inferno of thought
Chemical release
The mind's eye roving
Tearing, dancing
At the storm's centre a whirl
of controversy, lust, learning, passion, heat
Outside calm
Eyes focused inward
As the sun sheds flower petal warmth
A hand falls loosely
Sand and pebbles
crumbling and leak
from an extended, opening hand
As sand and pebbles
Slowly drop
Gently to the ground
Love is born