Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Other Day

I almost fainted the other day when
When you said when
When you stared at me softly and whispered
When can I leave you babe?
When can you face the day
I walk and walk away?
I thought then that other day
How your beauty is so magnified
When you tenderly push
Push me away
The other day when you asked
When can you face the night
Without me?
I started shaking a little
That other day
You, naked and pale, in the sunshine
Your beauty a torch raging
Set to burn me alive
I struggled the other day
Your prepossessing all
And your grey eyes
Matching the clouds
The other day
Gentle and sad when you looked at me
I started to shiver
When you took away all the heat
From your smile
And you said
Today is the day my love
That I go away
In day and in night
You will dream another
I started sweating the other day
When you said
And forever walked away


duffster said...

now THAT is good! Jesus... I've still got goosebumps...

Daniel Car Crash said...

Thanks. You just made my morning.


Laura said...

I love, 'Set to burn me alive.'

I deleted facebook. Working on an ethnographic study and some other projects at York. Thought about you today; don't know why. Remembered I had your site bookmarked. Would you care to partake of beer and conversation?


Daniel Car Crash said...

Yes, i would.