Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Like a warm wind
Is coming
Dust off your dreams son
Shake off your slumbering hope
And squint into approaching light
Which may be painful
To both the constitution
And the yatterings
Of the mind
Which may boil with unprecedented
Happenings, auguries, deceptions
Boldly stare
Meet visions of truth
Or damnation
Change however unreadable
The helpless caught before it
Pushed into the new horizon
Of havoc and hope
Coming time to wake
Squint and steel
Or flee,
Cut and run away
Hide in the caves
Of the unmalleable
The shelters
Of self preservation
Change comes
My friend
You are warned.


Ashliegh said...

"The shelters
Of self preservation"

What would your shelter of self preservation look like?

Daniel Car Crash said...

My shelter of self preservation?
Someone lovely holding me under the covers kissing me on the neck???
my cat Cisse.


Ashliegh said...


That's quite the shelter.

I wonder how you cat feels about being a Cisse. Hopefully it lives up to its name.

As for my shelter: floating on a mint leaf in an unopened and slightly aged bottle of Pelee Island white wine.

Daniel Car Crash said...

I am just having a glass of white wine, after my reading, which went okay. no one threw underwear or roses at me. In fact, i was condescended to by a writer, and the rest generally were absent with praise. However, two patrons thought i 'was fucking awesome' which helped.
Cisse is named after a french soccer player i loved at the time.

Ashliegh said...

Congrats. on the reading.

How's the poetry scene in Toronto?
I lived in Windsor for some 16yrs of life and remember the scene to be as dull as my own work.

Up here (Thunder Bay), poetry readings only happen if myself or other artists initiate them.

When it comes to comments from an audience, most people are too afraid to say anything.

If you want a response, pull a Ginsberg! Read your poetry naked while inhebriated.

Daniel Car Crash said...

The poetry seen here is okay. I am just getting exposed to it. Myabe next time i'll read naked!
How is thunderbay treating you?

Ashliegh said...

Thunder Bay has spoiled me. This place is truly magical. Sadly, I'm leaving it in five weeks, possibly forever.

Have you ever been?

An off topic question:
What's with the 'car crash' theme?

Daniel Car Crash said...

oh, my nick name was daniel car crash from before and i stuck with it. dunno, i just like it. i have never been to thunderbay. isn't it small and like full of hillbilly hip fans?

Daniel Car Crash said...

where are you going to move to?

Ashliegh said...

Ummmm. Not so much.

More like a bunch of people lost in the 80's. There's some good mullets walking arond town. We're not that tiny. We're still a city. About 200,000 ppl.

I just finished my degree at the Univeristy so I'm going to visit my parents in Edmonton for half a week (great poetry scene there, by the way). Than I'm off to Victoria, B.C to drink the ocean and relax.

After that, I'm off to my summer job in Dawson City, Yukon. And than... Europe. I want to learn French and Italian.

What are your plans?

Daniel Car Crash said...

Wow, Yukon would be awesome to go to. and Europe is really wonderful. My plans are to keep writing, hopefully sell a script one of these days, and I don't know... survive. I love Paris, but have never been to Italy.