Saturday, 9 February 2008

dream entry

this morning i had a rather odd dream. it follows:
i am with a friend, and perhaps my girlfriend, but i am not sure. we are watching baseball players in uniform trying to catch a fly ball on a city street. then a gust of wind comes and sweeps one of them a few feet into the air. he is gently settled back to the ground and the three players marvel at this. we who are watching stare and smile too. then another gust picks him up and he goes higher into the air. before he can float back down another gust pushes him higher yet. he shouts down to his buddies: 'don't worry, this has happened before. i just need to get to a roof or ledge.' so he continues to float up in gusts until he is level with the roof tops about 8 stories up. his feet reach and strain and finally scrape along the roof edge and he is set down. we are now on the fire escape beneath him, watching. he smiles, safe, but then suddenly a harsh, vicious gust of wind or force, much different and more violent than others, takes him and slams his body into a brick wall.he bounces brutally off this and then is slammed into another wall above the fire escape, then he is flung onto the fire escape below, his head bashing on the metal. as we watch blood drips down from his inert form, splashing in front of me. we hurriedly walk down the stairs to get away. then the fire escape stairs turn into the stone stairs leading from a building we are exiting. from behind me a women calls. she is wearing a nun's habit. we stop and she examines my leg and points to two tiny star shaped marks. she has an authority of medical knowledge about her. i brush her concern off saying i must've been bitten by a bug, but she insists it was no bug and that it is an infection/disease akin to leprosy. i touch it and clear fluid seeps out. she takes a tube and dabs on some clear ointment that will cure it. it fizzes and burns on the wounds.