Friday, 21 September 2018

A Year Point Five

I would burn down
Half the world
Just to hold you in
My arms
I said
And I am
A pacifist
By nature and
I said
And you smiled and you
Shook your head
And then
Wiped away my
Solitary tear
and let your finger
And then you said
No more, no more
No more shall I embrace you
No more hold you, touch you, kiss you
Not ever more
You said
And gently pushed me
A year point five ago
And then I stumbled
Drunk with grief and pain
A year point five
Ago today

Monday, 17 September 2018

The Masters of Disinterest

Away from here you
Away from this hell go
Flee to where
The unwitting
Frequent and fraternize
Go there and seek peace or
At least cessation
Of all your loss and fear
Go there in great haste
And pause
To where they lack such cause
And effect affects only
The interested
Like you
But they have gone calm
Masters of the art
Of disinterest
They with dead blank eyes
Bliss filled and
Smiles flecked with
Is this the freedom you seek?
To be free from the hells of which
You flee
Make peace and unease
There they are stalled
Their mouths a silent judgement
Their eyes glazed and cursed
None the worse you say
And unwounded
Unlike you the refugee
They will take you in with open arms
Masters of disinterest
Pliable yet calm
Still as a mountain lake
Go there if you must
Wait and pause
Catch your breath and
Unremarkable and shining
They have no fear or pain there
The uninterested
Deadly cold and calm
Go there and be free
At your great peril

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Chronic Pain

His middle name is
Chronic pain
He is the car crasher
The Dan man
Car smasher
He extends too much
Energy an'
He talks to ghosts an' trees
Sees what can't be
Or imaginings
He's ramble-ing
His middle name
Chronic pain
He winces when me minces
He snarls and shoots daggers
From them hazel hazel eyes
Flecks of brown an' green
Sees what can't be
He the car crasher
The Dan man
Car smasher

Saturday, 10 February 2018

It is a Dream

You and I
Alone once more
Your eyes so blue
Your lips they tremble
Kissing your neck and
Your breath so warm
Doing shots from the Holy Grail
Tequila with hints of
Dried blood
Grinning ear to ear as
We court danger and
In equal parts
Hand in hand
You and I
Alone once more
It is
A dream

Friday, 22 December 2017