Sunday, 17 July 2016

From my upcoming novel: 24th Century Dick.

Chapter 3:
The space cruise liner Antipoinnes: formerly the most luxurious, expensive and largest space liner in the three systems. It was built at least seventy-five years ago with no expense spared, and though the years have been somewhat unkind, and have perhaps dulled its former sheen, the patina of history and experience has also given it a glamorous aura, if a slightly dangerous and murky one. It is here in interplanetary space, neutral territory, that shady transactions occur, illicit goods are acquired, and deals both legal and non are brokered, all out of the prying view of the ever curious authorities. It is here the unseemly flee towards, along with the desperate and hunted, as long as they can afford the price of a ticket for the non-stop journey from the Sol system to the Orion Gateway Belt, or better yet, hide deep in the vessel's interior where a whole city of non-passenger class permanent residents or refugees dwell. Here they eek out a living scrounging and selling anything they can acquire, illicit substances or just hot meals. Flesh is also peddled in abundance, for sex or otherwise. However, the most profitable trade is, and always has been, information.
And thus it has become a neutral place for spies to meet, ransoms to be paid and prisoners exchanged, rather like the Vienna of old Earth history. Here one can find information for a price or just as easily end up dead for entering the wrong passage, over hearing the wrong sentence, witnessing that which is meant not to be witnessed...

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