Sunday, 31 August 2014

Skin and Bone

I am intrepid and you are
Doomed to watch my lank presence
Slowly fade
I look at you askance
As I dance a treat in rising moonlight
Slowly fade
In your own vision only
As the drugs you've chosen
Take effect
Don't blink too often as the image greys
Don't sigh too loudly as my grin trembles
I am less than righteous and you are bound in
Skin and bone
A prison of your own making
Doomed to watch
My teeth glitter and my eyes lash you
With greater intoxicants
Than all the rest administered
You who were once the master
Are now beneath the measure
Of servitude
And doomed to watch my shift in weight
Through eyes grown heavy
Lank and with sinister zeal
I watch your breath grow calm

Monday, 11 August 2014

Darren the Dazzler

Darren the dazzler
Oh fear all you friends
His seductive charm
His impossible smile
Oh Darren the dazzler
Be wary
Be wary, friends...
The glint in his eye
His ridiculous ire
His impossible mind
Be warned, be wary
When he gets in his cups
When he gets in his cups he too
Loses him self
Oh Daren the dazzler
He'll take you in to
The gates of heaven
An' all seven layers
Of hell
Oh sweet uncouth prince
He swears in his soup
Darren so dazzled
Can't help but bedazzle

Lock up your sons and daughters
As Darren does an' will
Infect you all
With that glint in his eye
His impossible smile
Darren the Dazzler
Does dazzle all
Who enter his range
Unto the beginning or in to
Your end

Monday, 4 August 2014

Oh Won't You Dear Kindly (a love song)

Oh, won't you kindly
Bring me that needle
Oh that I might sew up my heart
Oh, won't you dear kindly
Just bring me that sparrow
That it might just soothe my distress
Oh, won't you friend kindly
Just bring me an arrow
As cupid this time has miss fired
Oh oh oh..... then...
Won't you sir kindly,
Pretty please sir kindly
Darn you're so kind to
Oh hand me a flame thrower
So I might vent fury
Oh I might vent furry
On all of her wardrobe
An' record collection
As I am kind of pissed off