Thursday, 3 July 2014

In Amsterdam

Remember when I cried
And then you sat on my lap
And kissed away my tears?
That is romantic!
I was fucked up for a year
But that was romance!
I miss that kind of feeling
I don't feel that way for you any more
But that was feeling
Do you ever feel alone?
And after that we made love
And there was the blood
And you were ashamed until I was not
And we laughed about it
And then went to the communal shower
And washed it all off
In Amsterdam
I was so poor
You in your artist's squat
The kind that was fashionable
I know you won't respond to this letter
But it feels good to me to write
I am doing well now
You'd like my little house in Toronto
So sheltered and quiet, enshrouded
Both in back and front
By hills and trees
I am writing this song now as I type
It is for me now
Not for you

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