Saturday, 22 March 2014

But This Time Neat

I was called an unfortunate event
The other moment
And it felt like a temptation
It felt like a blow
It made me
Think of redemption
Before I poured that glass of scotch
And then I sat there brooding
And then I thought of all that I had loved and
Those who'd maybe even loved me
And I sat and sipped all alone
As the fire crackled
And a spider crawled along the wall and I watched it
It moved with grace and I sipped and
The ice went chink in my glass
And I thought some more and I
Watched the spider leave
As things inevitably do
And I thought to myself
About being called
An unfortunate event
And wondered at why I would be so mean to
As to call myself that
And I rose and poured another glass
Of scotch
But this time

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