Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Down to the Shed (Where All the Demon's Head)

I want to
Greet you and meet you
Sweep you away
Take you down to the shed
Down to the old shed
Where all the demon's head
Where they dance and plead victim
Where they drink and seek wisdom
And none know what's in store
Chastisement parked abandoned
Outside the door

Come here sweet mystery
And climb into my head
Let me take your arm
Down to that old shed
Where the merry are led
Where the demon's head
To drink away their pain
And seldom do abstain
Down back near the old creek
Where it's dark and warm
Where all are safe from harm

I need to see you
By bonfire light
Sweep you away into the night
Take you down
Down to the old shed
Where all the demon's head
And no one speaks of the dead
But of life, and where Bacchus rules
The dance is free of Christian loathing
Dancers soon bereft of clothing
Sweating and gyrating to the horns of pan

Baby I need to
See you and press against you
Take you down the secret ways
Down to the shed
Where all the demon's head
Libations for the duration
Leave your troubles at the door
Pound some drinks and hit the floor
Back down to the shed
Where the guilty have all fled
And innocence is all but dead

Monday, 13 May 2013

Disturbing Dream May 2013

I had a dream where I was walking at night, lost in an ancient city. I looked down and to my horror there was a black worm inside my index finger. I took an old fashioned penknife and made a hole in my finger, reached in and pulled it out, but it stretched and was holding on. I pulled more and it stretched and grew becoming a caterpillar or centipede, black. Finally, I pulled it out and threw it on the stones where it morphed again and sprouted beetle like wing covers... I went home after this and the massive ancient house we lived in was silent. Where the stairs had been had altered into something so steep I couldn't reach the door and kept sliding back.