Thursday, 21 February 2013

Depressed and Repressed

Depressed and repressed an'
Someone came and discothequed and then
There was the repossess of
My Eldorado an'
I loved that car and that was why
She left me as she said
I loved it more than she
And she said I was
Not attractive
And there you are and I am here
Repressed and depressed low an'
Someone came and discothequed
It was grotesque, but kind of cool
But raised me spirits none
Wishin' on having a gun
But a bullet you can't out run
And causes more pain than relief I find
In the giver as also them in receipt
And so I digress a per
But repressed and depressed
Is the solution to this mathematical equation
Or answer anyways
Now walking hitchhiking
Fond memories of the car
Heading down, down
Towards the bar
So I can drink and drink it all to haze
My Eldorado and baby gone
Smoking informally
In my last clean jacket an' tie
Enter the throng
Regressed and hip stressed
Live Dixie
Whiskey and whore blessed
Down low and lookin' up
Smiles huge and lap it up
Grotesque view and kinda cool
Smile huge and raise my cup

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