Sunday, 23 December 2012

Outside the Walls

We are the un-sated and our
Bellies are full to bursting
With diamonds and coal lumps
And apple cores and piano keys
With catacombs and lost ones calling out
We are the forever outside
Not looking in
Churning forth and such froth
As the tempest seas
We are the mockers of fate and the failed dreams
The ill satisfied and the un-redeemed
We stand our ground against the roar
However; however
We stand and fight against the viable
Our teeth we clench in wryness
Pulling booze from flasks
Pretending to check the time on broken
Time pieces
Our bellies are full to bursting
With swallowed lies
Forced compromise
And shuttered pride
Standing our ground against the push
Outside the walls
Not looking in

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Ensconced in the belly of my
Enemy who remains
My lover
Who refrains from digesting
Many of my praises as
She distills them instead
Making potent brew
Making toxic stew
My lover she serves them to
Unknowing passersby
Mischievous glint
In both of her eyes
My lover and enemy both
Ensconced as I am
In her belly
Where it is warm
And I dance with
Ensconced and romanced into
The belly of my lover
Who becomes my enemy I so embrace
From within
Despite the technicalities
Difficulties in achieving this
Ensconced as I am
In the belly of
My lover who remains
My enemy

Friday, 14 December 2012

Butterflies and Bubbles

I am under duress as a direct result
Of the breath from your kiss and also your eyes
Which hiss such sparks and appetite to cause
My stomach to clench up tight
So full it is my cavity to burst
With butterflies and thoughts of regicide
For how else could I obtain anyone
As wondrous and lovely as you
Without myself first becoming king?
Oh the depravities I would enlist in the cause
Of curing me of such duress and ailments
The swing of your hips inflict

I am under stress as the direct assault of your body
Parades before me in all its glory
Such perfection breeds addiction
Brings out the sweats, warrants tender scrutiny and
But now bent double and breathing out bubbles
Spheres I must re-imbibe
In order to survive
Guarded hopes and dreams running amok
Butterflies and bubbles
No end to troubles

Such a test of will the chaotic tumult
Your legs about me achieves
An interdiction of such precision
While your tender laughter brings
Near disaster
So musical, elegant and light
And your blazing eyes and tender smile
Afflict me for miles and miles
Proximity no defence against them either
Your perfect teeth biting my neck
Splendid torture which removes my breath
And of my defences nothing left

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Siren Smoulder

I am the breath that gives you
Shivers on a hot day
I am the antidote to your
Untold hope
Dreamer of seascapes and
The glint of your eyes
Visions of reptiles and inhuman cries
I am the captain of
Ill repute
The deft touch
The siren smoulder
I am far and when you least expect
Deadly touch close
The violet eye
The violent cry
And the tenebrous heart
Cycling and with growing
Pace, speed an' venom
I am the mist that makes things
Unclear and dressed to the nines in
Elegant subterfuge
Alarming at my rate of scale
Disarming with my slackened sails
Cling on and do not regret
We shall protect one another
From all harm
Press your head near my beating heart
My pounding pulse and
Make us warm
I am the captain and I am
The shedder of fears
Siren smoulder of the
Violet eye

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Saturday, 1 December 2012