Sunday, 4 November 2012

Insist and Persist (a poem of fiction)

Why do you insist and persist
In fleeing my attention
You're getting blood
All over the carpet
I just bought that carpet
It's shag and cost me
Four hundred dollars
And you are getting your
Blood all over the carpet
Why you insist and persist
In crawling away
When I am being
So very attentive
Sharply attentive
You knocked over the arm chair too
And there is blood all over the tiles
And the worst thing blood
All over the brand new carpet
Why do you persist and insist
In committing such crimes
Is it the sharpening sounds
Causing you distress
Clean cuts like a clean floor
Next to godliness
And that door you struggle with is locked
And you're slipping on the floor
Come back here my dear
And we'll cut you to sleep