Thursday, 3 June 2010

Resistance Machinery

Oh how you can oppress me
With your beauty and your
Methodology of seduction, your
Wanting need and fiery disposition, which
Leaves no room for any of that
Resistance machinery
Leaves no resistance for anything
Named willpower or pride or run
Stroll around, encircling
Lingering in the sun
Your eyes and those perfect formed lips
Demand vast reserves of attention
Biting your lip and half-smiles
Throw wrenches into any of that
Oh so well prepared
Resistance machinery
Your beauty and your
Curving sweet sultry walk
A neck just begging for it
It is oppressive this is
Resistance machinery
Oh how you can oppress me
With your dreams and the majesty
Of your tragic mindset
How you can smile and devastate entire
Systems of well maintained defence
Walls crumble under the shake
Of you
Crucified upon your unfettered charm and
The cunning of your sway
Resistance machinery

There is you

1 comment:

Gabriella Bombshella said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again..this is my favorite one.
Great imagery, mmmmhmmmm.