Thursday, 29 April 2010

Travesties We Shine Like Flares Slow to Fade

Rich with lust and
The spoils of your perfect laughter
Running through the maelstrom
Grinning like fools
Travesties we shine like flares slow to fade
Burning red with boasts of
Other people's shame
Burning our hearts into beacons
Magnets to attract all order of outcast
All class of rebel and denier
Into the fold
Pride and a dalliance with deviants
We fling ourselves wide into the night
And embrace the hedonistic viewpoint
We slaughter the consciousness of
Rapt eager slaves of religion and conscience
We dance on their fallen morals with gusto
And fling our passion like salt upon their wounds
To the dogmatic worshipers we give freely
Handfuls of fear laced with the dust of their
Adored dead deities
Roaring forth and sounding battle cries
Huddled forth in dark embrace in doorways
Tongues of bliss and no shame in sight
Running along moonlight
We shine, travesties all
Like flares slow to fade
Rich with lust and the knowledge of beauty
The spoils of your perfect laughter
The absolute victory of
My hand resting gently on the curve of your waist
Walking then running then pausing for love
Defying death for just a little bit more
We the travesties
Blinking bright and overwhelming the night
Steel clutched in our teeth like roses
Violence in heart and mind
Our eyes locked on truth and beauty and love
Faith only in ourselves
Shining bright

Saturday, 10 April 2010

In the Downtown, part two

The sirens all around
In the downtown
We don't bat an eyelash
We don't even notice
As all through the night
The sirens wail and run and scream
People living all around us
Dropping like flies
Sirens the soundtrack
Like the trains ever running
Along the tracks in the background
Sirens the soundtrack
Of the downtown
Crying throughout
The long dark night
Of our chemical concrete jungle
In the miasma of
The wilderness labyrinth heyday maze
Craze of cement and steal
Decay and dust
Spraypaint and whirl
Come venture and dare enter
Into the darkness
Be scared and be scorned
See the people rooting through failed dreams
And vicious compromise
Wild eyes and a broken bottle kiss
Walking in rags with a stolen shopping cart
While no one thinks anything
Of the unending sirens
Blanketing our night skies
In the downtown