Sunday, 28 March 2010

In the Downtown at 3 a.m.

Rain lashing and
The happenstance of fear
It is dancing behind the headlights
And echoing in the distant, unseen footsteps
Reflected off the chain-link fencing that
Binds our pleasure also
Along with the dread of our resolute
Lack of hope and faith
Pleasure through fear
Flickering in the general vicinity
Of our dry and wanting eyes
The hissing of neon
In the dark rain
Rain ever lashing while the steam and fog beguile
This cement floored morass
Fear through pleasure and the wet slow drip
A slow moan and another slumped figure decorating
A blind alley
The moans of pleasure or pain are
No one stopping either way
Cars screeching
As rain lashes down
In the downtown
At 3 a.m.


Milady DeWinter said...

You inspire me more than you'll ever know.

Daniel Car Crash said...

Awwww. That is so nice of you. And thanks, needed it!