Saturday, 26 December 2009

There is Midnight in Your Eyes

There is midnight
In your eyes
It catches my thoughts
Like an insect caught
In amber
Like a seal set deep
In wax
Casting a net so wide
The only possible escape
Involves blindness
Eyes abundant with midnight
All conquering beauty
Heartbreaking design
Which leaves nothing behind
But windswept trails
Of longing laced with dust
Eyes spilling moonlight
Trailing laughter and memories
Such passion and bliss
Corrosive and catching
Silver fire
They imprison my heart
These dauntless orbs
Like a tyrant
Like a thief you steal
All my desire
And embrace my need
Like water does flame
The hiss of your razorblade kiss
Is missed
Desultory signals
Fire flowers at midnight
Hidden in the periphery
Of your waning, forbidden eyes
Dripping dense
Haunting and ever present
The moonlight
In your eyes


Milady DeWinter said...

Normally I prefer your prose to your poetry, but I really like this one. <3

Daniel Car Crash said...

Thanks pumpkin. I think it is one of my favourites/best recent work.