Monday, 4 May 2009

Spring Bash at the Car Crash

A little to do at mine in celebration of that super sexiest of seasons: Spring. And the lovely people from Carlsberg even threw in a few beers and some cool blag for the event. Got to love them Danes, and theys sure makes fine beers. Speaking of, the Danes are actually making it again as an import, which is reason for great rejoicing as Molson or someone used to make it here and it was a little meh.

So,.... the night started off a little oddly with an uninvited but cute crasher.

This baby raccoon was found by Jen and Corey (hat below)upon arrival and was a little woozy/hurt and scared to death. Poor duder. The lovely Pam and neighbours ended up rescuing him and taking him to an animal shelter. So best wishes mister raccoon. Just don't end up growing up and coming back and living in my roof or we ain't friends no more! Then the fun, with the music and drinks and people smoking, but me not smoking (I was good) and death defying acts of brain bending dialogue, and of course the seduction of innocents. And of course, love, war, laughter, and I think we somehow saved the world at some point. But things get a little blurry towards the end.

Much fun and then a walk to the pub for last call.

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